Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Reasons For Quarrels Between Fr (1)

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Reasons for Quarrels between Friends.

.. severe and demonstrate a lack of trust and respect. In these cases, a firm break up may be the right answer. “She goes on to explain the reasons as to why friends could end up arguing and what the end result of that action brings for the parties concerned. As we grow up, we come to realize that we may have a lot of friends, but only one whom we feel deeply close and connected to. That person is termed as a best friend. A best friend is someone whom we share our inner most thoughts and feelings with. That friend is the physical representation of the trust that we have learned to share with other people. Then something happens, your best friend betrays you for some reason. The betrayal could be something as petty as telling your parents about the day that you skipped school to go see a movie or something major (as in the case of adults) that resulted in the breaking of the trust because your best friend told someone else about your secret or, in some cases, started some gossip about you based upon the secrets that you told her. Whatever the reason, the trust you gave that person was broken. The betrayal you feel can be so severe that arguing with your friend does not produce a healthy solution to the situation. Sometimes the only logical path for your relationship to take with that person is to end the friendship since the sense of betrayal is sometimes overwhelming. Other times the reason for the break-up or quarrel in a friendship stems from the lack of support from people whom you expected to have your back during rough patches of your life. Say for example you move to a new school but still live in the same neighborhood. Your classmates used to be the same kids who lived on the same block. Now, you have a totally new set of classmates whom you have to adjust to because the new school standards and social set up is a far cry from your old one. When you get home, you expect to see your neighbors, whom you consider to be friends, and spend time with them. Sharing your thoughts and feelings and just letting them know how hard it is to adjust to your new set up. However, instead of lending you an ear and offering you a shoulder to cry on, your friend or friends choose instead to make a joke out of your situation and make you feel like an outsider within a group of people whom you thought were your friends. This lack of support can often be a major cause of friction between friends that could also lead to the breakup of friendships if the problem is not resolved in time. Oftentimes such cases of lack of friend support are just a minor reason for arguments between friends and, if caught in time, the friendship can actually still be mended. Let’s not forget, arguments between friends can also be caused by petty jealousy over things as simple as who looked better in an outfit, or who got the higher grade in a test. This feeling of inferiority between friends often results in the jealous friend acting all unreasonable and mean towards the other friend who is deemed to have gotten the better result in a given situation. This failure to be happy for the success of other friends is a major cause of arguments between friends but can usually be ironed out in the end with a simple explanation.

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