Final project milestone two | Accounting homework help

Overview: In your final project, you will assume the role of an accountant and complete the year-end adjustment process for your company using a provided workbook. This workbook is the first deliverable (Part I) of your final project. In Part II, you will analyze the provided financials of the same company and create a report documenting your findings.

For this second milestone, you will complete the remaining portion of the final project workbook. Notice that you will be resubmitting the components that you completed for the first milestone. You are expected to make corrections and incorporate the feedback received on Milestone One so that the elements for Milestone Two are based on the correct foundation.

Prompt: Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Prepare a statement of retained earnings by completing the Statement of Retained Earnings tab.


II. Prepare a balance sheet by completing the Balance Sheets tab.
Guidelines for Submission: Complete the workbook tabs and sections described in the prompt above.



Approximately 250 words