Critical thinking activity #2: analysis of reality show and news show

Due date: Sunday FEb 28 at 11:59PM

At FIU, in a Gordon Rule course, writing will be evaluated based on the following characteristics:

  • Driven by a clear thesis or controlling idea.
  • Supports thesis with adequate reasons and evidence.
  • Displays sustained analysis and critical thought.
  • Is organized clearly and logically.
  • Shows knowledge of conventions of formal written English.
  • Shows awareness of disciplinary conventions in regard to content, style, form, and delivery method.


Book: Chapters 8 and 9 (Attached) 

Rubric (Attached) 

This assignment contributes to the Gordon Rule with Writing (GRW) requirement and will count as 15% towards your overall grade.

To help you understand the media message, watch one episode of a reality show and one episode of a news program.  You will need to compare and contrast the episodes you watched. Respond to the following questions in essay format in APA style:

  1. What emotions were triggered when you watched both episodes?
  2. Do you think these emotions were planned by the producers of the show?
  3. If so, what language was used to incite these emotions?
  4. Do you feel like you were led to a particular conclusion rather than left to make up your own mind? How so?
  5. Was information presented in meaningful context when comparing both shows?
  6. Was the information presented in a way that was factual, informative, descriptive, persuasive, coercive? Why?

Directions for Critical Thinking Activity #2:

  • Word count: 400. Going under or over the word count will be counted against your overall grade for the assignment.
  • Use Times New Roman size 12 pt. double-spaced.
  • Essay can be written in first-person.
  • Must be written in APA style.
  • Submit it as a Word document ONLY.
  • Essay should have proper punctuation, grammar, and structure. It should NOT be one huge paragraph. Practice the proper writing skills you learned in ENC 1101 & ENC 1102.
  • Similarity index within TurnItIn should be 25% or lower. Higher similarity indexes will receive an automatic zero.


Approximately 250 words