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This is a 2-part assignment, that needs to be in APA, times new roman, 12 font, double spaced, with reference page. Here is the link to the book for Part – 2: 

Part 1:

Watch the video (link is below); answer the questions listed below, word requirement is 250 to 300.

Strong negative feelings toward speaking can emerge with the repeated experience of stuttering.

Why do you think LeRon does not seem to have these feelings?

How can challenges with stuttering change a child’s outlook on life?

How can organizations make accommodations for individuals with communication disorders? 

Part 2:

Answer the following questions in a minimum of two pages and the rubric is attached. Below is the case study to read and the questions to answer. 

Case Study:


9-year-old who has received speech-language therapy for a while. She struggles with producing certain sounds and still has difficulties with /l/ and /r/. She is making progress and enjoying her work with the SLP.  She is encouraged to try out for the school play and is hopeful of resolving her speech problems before then. Emily’s parents were recently informed that she is no longer eligible for an SLP unless the effects of her speech difficulties had a clear educational impact. Her parents cannot afford for her to see an SLP privately and she is considering not trying out for the school play.

After reading the case study, answer the following question.

  1. What does the term education impact mean to you? What are some obvious and less obvious ways a communication disorder can affect a child’s educational performance?
  2. Emily’s parents are considering appealing to the school to pursue her right to special education services. Do you think they will be successful in their appeal? What factors might affect the likelihood of success?
  3. What is Due Process? How can this be beneficial to Emily’s parents?
  4. As Emily’s Intervention Specialist, do you recommend that speech services should be discontinued?
  5. How are speech sound disorders (SSD) classified? 


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