Cis 109 week 3 discussion and week 5 discussion


This week’s reading focuses on various types of computer hardware. 

Think about your ideal IT career. It may be what you are currently doing or what you hope to be doing after completing your IT program.

 Do some internet research on your ideal career to learn what hardware is typically used by someone in that role.

 Share what you found in the discussion and explain whether or not you believe the hardware used is likely to change in the next five years. Be sure to provide rationale for your position.  


 One of the internet technologies you read about this week was Social Media. Social Media has become such a part of our lives that our professional workplaces are now using various forms of Social Media and implementing specific Social Media policies. 

Do some Internet research or use Basic Search: Strayer University Online Library to identify some examples of workplace Social Media policies.

 Share what types of policies you were able to find. Are the policies you found what you expected? Why or why not? 

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