Case 4- 2 ecco a/s — global value chain management


Read Case 4- 2 ECCO A/S — Global Value Chain Management
The purpose of this case is 
to challenge you to sort through a relatively large amount of information to find solutions.


Use information in the chapter and standard analytical techniques and models from strategy (Porter’s Value Chain, 5 Forces, SWOT, and VRIO ) and other relevant resources to answer the following questions. 


1.  Describe the competitive environment of ECCO and determine how well ECCO is positioned (vis-a-vis the competitors) to take advantage of changes in the industry.


2.  Analyze ECCO’s global value chain. How well does this configuration match the drivers in the industry?


3.  ECCO has a fully integrated vertical value chain. What are the pros and cons of this strategy? What economic and strategic factors should be analyzed to answer this question? (insert a document)


4.  Is ECCO following the inside-out or outside-in strategic perspective? What are the implications of this choice and how can ECCO increase their sales/marketing efforts?


5.  How is family ownership affecting ECCO? Comment on the corporate ownership structure and its implications for strategy-making and implementation. What alternatives exist? 



Approximately 250 words