Business management memo – future va meats workplace

 Please see memo assignment details below. I have attached the company profile and course materials, which must be referenced in the memo. In-text APA and bibliography must be included. The assignment must be 1-2 pages.

· Using the memo template prepare a memo to CEO Mr. Chinn that describes how you envision the future Virginia Meats workplace.

· How the use of automation will affect the employees and their work

· experience.

· The organizational structure of the company (the types of jobs and the flow of power).

· The actual work environment (physical vs. virtual) and the type of culture. Hint: how would “the learning organization model” influence your workplace?

· The challenges anticipated to make these changes.

· The memo must contain at least three ideas related to each of the topics

· up for discussion (i.e. three ideas about the way automation will affect

· employees, three about job types and company structures, and three

· about the work environment). You must use course material to support

· your responses and APA in-text citations with a reference list.

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